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The past is always with us, for it feeds the present.

Tornado of 1920

The tornado of 1920 is a reminder of how terrible Mother Nature can be. Explore this collection of photographs of the aftermath of this deadly storm.

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German Lutheran Church and School

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Step back in time and discover the rich history of Melrose Park, Illinois. Every town has a story to tell and Melrose Park is no different. Incorporated in 1882, Melrose Park has undergone a series of industrial and demographic evolutions, but has always remained a vibrant close-knit community.  In many ways, the history of Melrose Park, Illinois mirrors the history of other Midwestern prairie communities that were transformed by the development of railroads, the rise and fall of heavy industry, the onset of wars, and the influx of different immigrant groups seeking the American dream. These digital collections provide an overview of a vibrant, ever- adapting community that actively embraces its old traditions while creating new ones.


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This website is brought to you courtesy of the Melrose Park Public Library and the former members of the Melrose Park Historical Society, who donated their time, their passion, and their precious memorabilia in order to keep the history of this unique community alive. An integral part of our mission as a public library is to recognize and celebrate the value of exploring yesterday in order to understand today. This site is dedicated to the past, present, and future residents of Melrose Park, Illinois.


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