Individual Record

Robert Baer

Date of Death: October 6, 1993
Age at Death: 38

Obituary appeared 10/27/1993 on page 94 in the Melrose Park Herald
Burial information: WV

Did information appear in an article? no

  • Parent: Raymond Baer
  • Parent: Dolores Baer
  • Child: Jamie Baer
  • Child: Bobby Baer
  • Child: Lara Baer
  • Sibling: Marlene Baer
  • Sibling: Julie Baer
  • Sibling: Leslie Baer
  • Sibling: Lisa Baer
  • Sibling: Jack Baer
  • Sibling: Marsha Baer
  • Former Spouse: Connie

Record Number: 22423

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